Why Tolkien is my passion

J.R.R. Tolkien.

Arguably the greatest fantasy author of all time, this man singlehandedly created a universe beyond anything anyone could imagine at the time, a world of light and darkness, of many strange creatures, mighty elves, stubborn dwarves, fearsome dragons, hobbits, orcs and many a hero and a villain.

He invented languages and created new worlds for us to explore, and explore them we did. I've also made a post about underrated Tolkien heroes, for those interested.

He wrote about the creating of Arda, the earth in his lore, how Eru, the one, made the Valar sing the first music of creation, how Melkor betrayed his brothers and sisters, how the Two Trees were destroyed, the coming of elves, men, orcs, dwarves and of course the cheerful and life-loving hobbits which were his main focuses in his most successful books “The Hobbit” and “Lord of the Rings”

How did I discover J.R.R. Tolkiens wonderful legendarium?

When I was eight years old our teacher assigned the whole class to go to the school library and find a book to read during the next three weeks and to write a report about that was supposed to be around half a page. Most of my classmates chose very basic childrens books, which is to expect, but I was already a rebel in every sense of the word, and just to make a point to my teacher and everyone else I chose the biggest book I could find in the library and told my teacher ” I will read this book”. She advised me not to, but I insisted. That book was, as you surely understand, The Lord of the Rings.

But even though my intent was just to pick the biggest book to be an ass, I started reading it, and it did not take long for me to lose myself into the story of Frodo Baggins and his three Hobbit friends and that mysterious ring created by an evil sorcerer. I was enchanted, and it was like I suddenly found myself in another world, at another time, far from schoolwork and bullies, far from all troubles at home and I was now a brave Hobbit on a mission, facing dangers of all kinds...